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We believe the Dryco Pool Cover Drain is the finest on the market, and we take great pride in its quality, performance and craftsmanship.

Dryco will take the worry out of your winter. No more torn pool covers due to debris and excess water. Let the Dryco Pool Cover Drain keep your pool cover dry, and then the wind will do the rest. When your pool cover is dry, the wind will naturally remove the leaves for you.

Save time and money in spring by not having to replace thousands of gallons of water. Let the Dryco Pool Cover Drain work for you all winter long.

How it Works...

Dryco Pool Cover Drain Illustration

The Dryco Pool Cover Drain attaches right in the center of your pool cover in minutes. When rain falls on the cover, it is able to drain easily through our patented system, right out of your existing inlet on the side of your pool. In fall and winter, leaves that fall onto a DRY cover are swept away by the natural power of the wind.

Unlike conventional pool covers, it is very important that you do not lower the water level of your pool before installing the Dryco Pool Cover. The water level must be kept higher than the inlet in the side of the pool.


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